Amazing Finds from Saizen, The P85 Store

Saizen, the P85 store got me into this whimsical shopping journey last week. Who would have thought anything so affordable could count for anything anymore. Sure, I have heard a handful of happy people stepping out of Saizen. But like every other thing, you have to get into it to actually experience its “cheap thrill.” Everyone could make use of a bargain in this time of economic crisis, right? It is almost certain that majority of the population’s spending habits has adjusted a great deal since the era of recession stepped in.

As a practical person, a mom at that, Saizen, the P85 store is the “it” store for me. You will find functional things that are hardly available in your regular store and the amazing finds are countless! Saizen’s Group General Manager, Mr. Bobby Go told us about Saizen’s the store which was launched here in the Philippines last April 29, 2009- pioneering with the present sole branch in Robinson’s Galleria. Here’s hoping for more branches across the metro. 🙂

No sub standard items in here, especially so that nearly everything is developed by Daiso-Sangyo, Inc. in Japan especially for Saizen. The hubby got a handful of great finds for the church office and the ministry. He also got hold of a couple of magic tricks packet at P85 a pop! He recently incorporated magic tricks during youth service. Me? I got stuck in rows upon rows of children’s toys, household stuff and fashion accessories. 😉

If there is anything that you might need in the house or for just about anything, you might want to swing by and see for yourself tons of choices you have for such affordable price. It will actually make you feel good that you spent less than you would have in your regular store.

It’s practically a one stop shop. From practical and functional household goods, hobby materials, school and office supplies, toys, lifestyle, quality fashion and apparel, home decors, Japanese interiors and ceramics, kitchenware and supplies, home improvement, gardening tools and pet accessories. What’s more fun is they come up with over a hundred of new items every month. Visit Saizen for authentic Daiso products located at the 3rd level, East Lane of Robinson’s Galleria.

Amazing Finds from Saizen, The P85 Store

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