SBC-Makati’s New Sign


This is SBC-Makati’s brand new church sign. The framed tarp (18ft x 5ft) has been on display for three weeks now. This does mean that our local church is not transferring to a brand new address just yet. After a lot of  searching throughout Makati, the Lord has led us to decide to stay in the same location.

The owner of the building allowed us to lease the place for another year for less than ten thousand pesos on our monthly rent. That is more than two hundred dollars savings per month and that is a huge deal for our local church. Although packing stuff into shipping boxes will not be a major concern for the time being, we are still praying for God to lead us to a better location for next year.

Yesterday, one of our members and I were discussing about praying for a more permanent location – SBC-Makati’s place of its own. By God’s grace, this will come to pass. Our core leaders put it upon themselves to meet regularly (weeknights) in our church for devotions, prayer and fasting.  This has been a great encouragement to us even as we saw them grow spiritually.

SBC Makati is turning 6 years old this month and we are thankful for God’s faithfulness all these years.

SBC-Makati’s New Sign

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