On Home Loans and Gratefulness

It is exactly two years and one month since our brand new house was turned over to the hubby and me by our awesome contractor, Tita Eliza Bautista. It was more like a labor of love for her, more than business. She was hands on from start to finish. This collage was made shortly after the turn over. We were more than happy with the finished product, to say the least. I did not get the marble kitchen counter that I want, all right, but it was still more than what we have bargained for.

We never thought it was ever possible for us to be homeowners, if it was not for the kind of home loan deal we got. It was really a blessing. No mortgage was needed to be done, not even down payment. The lot was a gift from my folks, so all we really have to figure out is the damage for the house construction itself. During that time we did not have access to extra income just yet. After a whole bunch of inquiries and visits to Pag-Ibig, trying to figure home loans out, we were given an offer that we could not resist. At the same rate of interest with Pag-Ibig, no down payment, we were on our way to building our very own home on the first month of 2007.

To date, we have less than twelve years until we pay our loan in full. We love that we are able to maintain our home that is not rented anymore.  So if there’d be anything we decide to have done, improvements and all, will be all up to us. Even as the second law of thermodynamics (Law of Entropy) slowly eats up our home, we are still thrilled to maintain it. It was God’s tangible way of letting us know that “we will not want” during the peak of what we could consider,  the most trying time of our lives. We celebrate and are thankful for God’s faithfulness through the years.

On Home Loans and Gratefulness

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