The Wedding Planner in Me

It has been a while since I last did a wedding. I love weddings! Everyone who has been reading Marriage and Beyond knows that it is one of the things that I am really passionate about. I still have my box full of records of everything about weddings, my suppliers for flowers, wedding invitations, beauty experts and what not.

xI remember this one time a couple of months back, I was deep in thought if I were to stash them all away altogether. It just occurred to me that maybe the numbers that I have of my suppliers have changed contact numbers and for someone who is not very fond of storing things that are not of use anymore, I considered throwing it all away for a time. But then again, I changed my mind. There just might be someone I know who would need an access to cheap wedding invitations, in the future. Besides, it is not uncommon to find a bride on a budget these days.

Last year alone, I turned down at least four big wedding events. As much as I love to get back to coordinating weddings, time does not permit me do it anymore. Instead, I recommend the couples to other wedding planners and consultants that I know who I think is best qualified to do the job.  If you happen to be planning for the big day, it might interest you to go check the Bride and Groom Direct website. They are currently offering 5% discount. You also get the chance to win £3,000. I love that it is a one stop wedding supplier website. They even carry all those must have wedding accessories that are rather expensive when you get them from a regular store.


I’m sure I will get back to working on my wedding planning juices for the right projects. For now I really cannot commit other than helping out with suppliers and some consultations. The full coordinating package is at a halt for the time being and picking only a few weddings here and there which are mostly of friends and loved ones. There is something about weddings that even if I am a little too occupied in its overall dynamics, I never fail to see and gasp over God’s plan for marriage and its overall beauty.

The Wedding Planner in Me

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