Marriage and Finances

The issue of finances weighs heavily as one of the major concerns in a marriage. Even statistics have it that a lot of marriages break apart because of financial problems. As for our marriage, we have decided right from the beginning that we will keep a unified account that will represent what’s ours. Nothing like what we had when we were still dating. Marriage binds us as one and whatever we both earn separately goes to a single account — defined as ours. This is our stand and believe it is but biblical.  It is included in the premise that we are not two but one.  We have seen a handful of marriages crumble and it all leads back to how they handle their finances.  This is especially true that majority of households all over the world are double income ones.

I remember my mom telling us when we were still little that when we marry, we have to still keep a separate account wherein we could pull funds from just in case my sister and me would be in need. It does make sense and this actually does not have to go against our stand on marriage and finances. For the longest time, the unified resources really worked best in our marriage. Because of this, we do not have any questions about whatever expenses because we both know where the money goes and where we stand — whether up or down.

Marriage and Finances

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