This Blog’s New Look for 2009

The above template ran for more than one year.  Boy was it hard to let go of old habits! I often toyed with the idea of changing themes but it was not until was a nights days ago when a fellow blogger gave us real valid reasons for us to make the change.  What could be neater than a tutorial via Plurk?Thanks Itot! 😀  Please know that we super appreciate your help and for indulging our every question. ou rock, bro! 😀  After all the several things that he taught us how to better handle our website, I did not waste a minute and worked with the hubby until 4 A.M. that day (we started late by the way).  The first theme we chose wasn’t working so we had to work from scratch and we couldn’t just leave this site overnight (even just for a few hours with all the widgets and posts in disarray!)

After having been attached to our former template, we officially welcomed this new look.  I hope you would too. 🙂 I still miss the old look but this one is friendlier in more ways than one – if you know what I mean. 😀

This Blog’s New Look for 2009

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