A Long Weekend


Holiday fun. This is what we plan to have today. It’s Labor Day and we’re just planning to just enjoy the holiday. We have long been putting off watching several movies in our list. Bucket List, Bee Movie, I am Legend are just three of them. We have certainly favored watching movies with closed captioning from the warmth of our home, than that of those cold movie theater seats. It can be fun to do sometimes, but we’d rather spend time at home pausing the video whenever we want and lying down however we please.


We are also thrilled to be asked by our dear friend Ana, to go with them to Boso-Boso Highlands today. She just got back from Singapore a couple of days ago. Boso-Boso was the same place the couples retreat was held in October of last year. It’s a fun resort up in the cool breezy hills of Antipolo. Her treat. We’re still not sure though. We need to prepare for our Baguio getaway, among other things.

A Long Weekend

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