An Artwork Claim

We spent the whole day yesterday going around town, beating traffic. I am glad to be in pretty good shape the whole day. We are preparing for the wedding the hubby is to officiate this coming weekend. The couple to be wed are good friends of ours and our family will be going to the event, with the rest of our barkada. We just found out yesterday that our little guy has nothing to wear to such a formal event, so we had to go look for one. I also have a zit to take care of. Not that I would need one drastic acne treatment, but it just bothers me a little. I haven’t had one probably in years, and this is just not the best timing to sport one.


If there was anything more interesting in our day, it was going side by side with the most unusual mini cooper I have seen in my entire life. Our jaws actually dropped with disbelief how anyone could be so daring and actually call it artwork. One thing, if attention is what he wants, he has just that for sure. We were amused. Well, it was probably his ultimate idea of fun. Here’s a shot.


An Artwork Claim

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