Family Bonding

One thing that we have not done yet as a family is have a mountaineering adventure.Last night, when we were shopping for a wall fan to install in our room, hubby saw just a perfect sized tent inside the home store we were in. He was thrilled to dream aloud of taking our son hiking in the future.I was apprehensive, really.But I figured it can be a fun bonding activity for the boys.

I honestly cannot imagine myself going on a hiking adventure.I guess honey dear just bombarded me with too much “leech stories” when he used to go hike with his friends in his youth.I would be cozy and good while they do their camping outside.Oh geez! I probably should just leave it up to hubby and allow them this fun.

I could only wish now I have a daughter to have go shopping with in the future.Again, this is something we will have to give over to the Lord.If it is His will, He will give us a baby girl in His time, but if not, it will be for the best.I just feel too girly for this kind of fun hubby has in mind.Maybe I could even try going once, who knows, I just might get the hang of it and love it all together.

Family Bonding
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