Accountability in Your Marriage

Here are some areas in a married couples life wherein they can practice accountability and why it is important.

First is with SCHEDULES. You both have to monitor each other’s schedules. People in our culture have this habit of teasing a married man who keeps receiving text messages from his wife and vise versa. Saying in jest, “reporting for duty.” This is also a major issue when a spouse freely sets schedules without checking out with his or her mate first. But it is a comfort to note also that this can become a habit of not committing to anything unless you have talked it out with your spouse. It clearly communicates the respect you both have for each other if you practice accountability in this area.

Second is with RAISING CHILDREN. You and your spouse clearly are two different individuals. This fact is set. It is important to note that even as you talk about how you raise your kids, there will always be times that your different parenting styles will surface. This is inevitable because the two of you have different backgrounds, raised differently. As you both look out to each other’s parenting styles, you both get to evaluate what would be beneficial and what would not in how you raise your kids up. You complement each other and strike a balance where you two should meet for the benefit of the children.

Third is MONEY AND VALUES. The couple should reconcile what they value and how they spend their money. It is important to check each other’s personal values and learn what would be beneficial for your marriage and even for your family in general. If you say you value your marriage and you want to have a real solid relationship with your children, then your actions and how you spend should reflect those values.

Fourth is FIDELITY. Any threat of infidelity in a marriage. Temptations or what have you’s should be confided to your spouse. And as the husband and wife, be always open to listen and respond without jealousy or anger. Because often times these confessions are cries of help. Our openness to our spouse reaffirms our commitment to him or her as you both stand together against potential threats to your marriage.

Accountability in Your Marriage

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