Discovering the Cause of Failure in Marriage


Nobody starts out intending to fail in a marriage, but still many couples do. In fact, the number of couples whose marriage stands the test of time seems to get fewer by the day. Couples always seem to be naturally close during their dating stage and becomes gradually distant after they get married. The very things that initially attract you to your mate become all too suddenly the very things that you begin to find irritating. The difference between the two of you gets magnified. The reason is people work harder to please each other during the courtship stage and they get lax and take each other for granted after they get married.


One of the main reasons couples decide to get married is to find intimacy. It is an innate longing for a person to want a close, personal relationship with another person. But sooner or later selfishness surfaces and both partners go their own directions, both wanting things their own way. It is so much easier to see selfishness in our mate than in yourself.


Selfishness. This is the root cause of failure in marriages. How do married couples defeat selfishness in their marriage? Allow us to identify these things in our succeeding entries.

Discovering the Cause of Failure in Marriage
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