Jed is Officially Diaper-free at 2yrs. 3mos. Yay!

I have a handful of different reasons to delay blogging. But this event is just a milestone I can’t put off to write about. Good thing I’m done with midterms. I have several reports to still work on, though. Even as I’m a little groggy and sleepy, I will just post this right on and maybe edit it at another time. I just need to announce this special event….

Jed is officially diaper free! That’s my Jed, does he not look so much better wearing briefs?!
I have always had in mind to record Jed’s growth and development. That was my inspiration last year to start blogging. And now, even as this way of journaling is ever available I just post some snippets from all the different things that surround me when I get the chance. Something like this as my baby being potty trained officially is such a biggie. Any mom would understand! Some moms would go through the tedious task of scrapbooking, but juggling things that I do and wanting to do them right, I know, that’s just not for me. It takes too much time and seasons of all the years to come will weather the pages and this is way more convenient to do it. For me, at least.

For close to a month now, I have been waking up with Jed at around 7 am in the morning. getting him to sit down on the special toilet seat reducer for toddlers that neatly lies atop the main toilet seat. Lola Tonette has given him a musical potty, but never got to have full of use it till this week, when the toilet seat reducer cracked! Yay! Jed is really heavy! But I guess this was a blessing in disguise even as he got even more expert in doing number 1 and 2 on the regular potty seat (minus the musical features he has long broken that button way before he was toilet ready!)

Every time he would successfully pee and poop, we will shake his hand and congratulate him. Lately, his favorite word has been “SUCCESS!” and he says it with such vibe and pride. We have psyched him to say this for him to affirm that he did a good job and it sure does work!

This is Jed sitting on the toilet with the soft seat reducer. Somewhere when he was between 6 months and 1year old I had the inspiration of doing the elimination communication with him, when I saw a diaper free 6 month old baby. But it’s just not easy for someone like me who does everything around the house, with a baby and all the things I do in between. I also read about the importance of the toddler being “ready” otherwise regression risk will just be high. So I figured, I would just wait for the readiness signs although the sooner the better because even as I use Tushy Wushy on Jed, he still uses disposables when we go out.Tonight, after my class Jeff and Jed came to pick me up right outside my classroom for us to dine out and celebrate Jeff’s 32nd birthday at Cafe Juanita. Imagine our surprise and amazement when towards the end of our dinner, Jed was asking his papa to go get the

potty from the house! “Papa, get potty, big house.” (verbatim) (eversince we transferred to our house after construction, he has termed it as the “big house” – all 48sqms! haha!) That’s just so exciting for me and Jeff to hear! You see, he could have peed on his nappies (he was wearing disposables, just in case). It is just nice that we have with us this disposable paper toilet seat cover which we just got from Watson’s last Sunday after church.

There was no toddler discipline that I ever had a hard time with Jed. He is such an ideal baby! Never fussy! We are really blessed with Jed. They say we have to watch out for the terrible twos. Nothing. He is one such happy baby, and we will always be thankful to the Lord for giving him to us.

Jed is Officially Diaper-free at 2yrs. 3mos. Yay!
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