Nature’s Spring Cheers on #Empowered Moms

Nature’s Spring Distilled Water launched the “Empowered Moms” campaign on a recent Mother’s Day celebration.

Who are the Empowered Moms?

I’m totally with Nature’s Spring in this campaign. I’m an intentional mom and it’s encouraging to to be commended for a “job well done.” And I know I speak for other intentional moms like me that when it comes to our family, we want no less than the best. Yes, it’s for the most part a thankless job, so when we get encouraged like this, I call out other moms to drink it in. It fuels our spirits to press on. 🙂

Toni and Seve for Nature’s Spring Water
Toni and Seve doing the #EmpoweredMom pose

Empowered moms are those who seek information about best parenting practices and apply those tips and techniques on raising their kids. They also work hard to ensure that their children have a bright future, and balance it with quality time and bonding moments that will be their child’s favorite growing up memories.

Honoring Mothers

Nature’s Spring Distilled Water honored these mothers with a special day out, where they got to spend time bonding with their kids through fun activities and listen in on informative talks from parenting experts. Topics that were discussed at the open-air venue of the SM By The Bay Central Park included Mother’s Rights, Raising Successful Kids Without Over-parenting, Career Confidence to Mindfulness, and Time Management, Planning, and Organization. The moms were also able to bring home goodies from the different booths and the raffles that were held during the course of the program.

There were also live musical performances and a special celebrity guest to talk about her hands-on parenting experiences. Toni Gonzaga is a celebrity mom who makes time for her baby Seve and makes sure to give him the best in both experiences and in the products that he uses every day. That is why she chooses to give him only Nature’s Spring Distilled Drinking Water that is quality, safe and affordable distilled drinking water that is bottled with a #SpringofLove.

Toni and Seve for Nature’s Spring Water

Toni shared her own views on motherhood and why it is important to choose safe products for baby and for the rest of the family.

Why Nature’s Spring?

Nature’s Spring, is a quality, safe and affordable distilled drinking water brand that is very reliable and dependable due to its adherence to strict quality standards and using state-of-the-art technology accompanied with competent employees. Nature’s Spring, the #1 bottled water brand in the Philippines, is the top-of-mind product for safe and quality drinking water made available for the Filipino Community anytime and anywhere without compromising the budget.

For more information about the #EmpoweredMoms campaign visit

Nature’s Spring Cheers on #Empowered Moms

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