Why Being an Adult Education Instructor is a Great Career for A Mom

If you love the idea of having more time with your family or have been a stay at home mom for a while but want to return to work part-time, it can be hard to manage with some careers. Finding part time roles or jobs where you can work outside of normal business hours can be tricky in many professions, but of course, it can also be hard to switch to a new career and feel like you are losing all of the benefits of your existing qualifications and skills.

However, a good option for a second career which can allow you to keep up with an existing specialism and also work in a more flexible way, is working in adult education.

Rutgers Adult Educator

Class Timing

While working as a teacher in a school generally means working during the exact hours when you’d rather be at home if you have children of your own who aren’t in school yet, adult education timings tend to be designed around adults who work during the day. This means you can work in the evenings teaching your courses, if that is your preference, and can potentially make use of childcare from your partner or family members who also work normal hours – allowing you to return to work without the expenses of day-care or missing out on spending the days with your children yourself.

A lot of adult education courses also follow normal college semesters, meaning that you will be free from teaching commitments during school vacation times – which will be a great advantage when your kids start school.

Adult Interaction

Some stay at home moms, despite loving the experience, do miss the adult interaction they used to have when they worked. Making new friends and talking about things that don’t interest toddlers much, whether it is politics and current affairs or the latest season of Game of Thrones, is something many moms crave. This is certainly something you will get when you teach adult education classes, as you will meet lots of different people all of whom share at least one interest with you (the subject you are teaching).

Use Your Existing Knowledge

If you study for a master’s degree in adult education, which you can do with colleges like Rutgers University online, you will learn the education side of things and be able to teach in a field relevant to your original degree or profession. This means you will still be getting value from your previous work and study, even if you are no longer active in that industry. There is demand for adult teachers and trainers in a whole raft of subjects, so you are very likely to be able to find a niche that piques your interest!

Gaining qualifications to be an adult educator is now easy to do part-time from home thanks to colleges like Rutgers, so if this is a career path that excites you, why not look into starting your online masters today?

Why Being an Adult Education Instructor is a Great Career for A Mom

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