Hubby is traveling in less than a month

It has been over a month since the hubby has been busy taking care of arrangements and schedule for his team’s missions trip to Africa. It is just neat that there are a handful of options now that the internet has been tapped by a lot of traveling agencies. After brushing through the district of Makati where most embassies are, he was finally contacted via email by the person who can help him out with what he needs. All the while my husband thought there was no physical embassy he could go to locally, specifically for that trip.

Aside from all these travel needs he has to take care of, he is also extremely busy with the upcoming anniversary of SBC-Makati. There are a hundred and one things to take care of, when it comes to that. The anniversary and the trip are less than a couple of weeks apart of each other. The pressure is definitely on! I hope he’d be able to get all the tickets and visas of the team members ready in time, maybe even arrange airport transfer for all of them. He’s definitely on crunch time and I hope he gets everything done in the next couple of weeks, the most. 🙂

Hubby is traveling in less than a month

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