Finding treasures in the trash

It is the day after Christmas and guess what I have been up to? Rummaging on stuff struck by Ondoy that I left at the table in our garage to dry. Most items were already discarded months ago but there are still a few things we hoped to salvage and so after exactly 3 months, some documents, books, even pictures are now completely dry. I still had to sort them though and finally throw away the hopeless stuff.  It’s heartbreaking to throw pictures away but I’m left with no choice.  But there were a bunch that I was able to salvage and that’s just a blessing. I had to sanitize everything as well. Needless to say, after 6 bags full of trash and a bunch of things I had to clean, sanitize and place in their respective compartments, only half of the day is over and I am already spent. But am I so glad that I finally got this out of my hair.

My next blog post will be contain some teachings from Hope for Parents in Pain seminar I attended in Faith Fellowship in 2002.  The material is too precious to just throw away.  Hence, the post after this.

Finding treasures in the trash

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