Sauna Day, Everyday

Sauna day, everyday. This is one of the updates in my timeline in Plurk last week. Working from home is not the most glamorous, I know. I have come in terms with that. But the heat has become so unbearable, that if it was not for the distraction of caring for my cutie pie, who has been with fever since Thursday — I could have gone crazy because of the heat. How I wish we bought a portable air conditioning unit, rather than the window type that we have in our room.

The original plan last year was to install another unit here in the parlor, where I hold my office. But there were other things we prioritized — most of them gadgets (essential ones, if I may emphasize). Plus the fact that we actually start paying for our little guy’s tuition fee this coming school year. So there, the a/c unit plan obviously has to be on a standstill. And I am really leaning towards the portable a/c. So we could bring it whichever part of the tiny house we are in.

Meanwhile, with this heat unfailing to remind us that global warming is on, we are so looking foward to our upcoming getaway  in less than a couple of months. We have actually started filling in our checklist- some beach essentials and pool floats lounges.  June may not be the ideal time to go to Boracay. But come to think of it with the weather being so unpredictable (remember those chilly Dec and January nights we had a few months back?) that is caused by global warming, we refuse to be dictated by the weather forecasters. I know December and January are the coolest months here in the tropics. But I have not once worn a sweater during any natural weathered December or January night in my whole 32 years of existence, except for December 2008 and January 2009.

Sauna Day, Everyday
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