Parental Impact on a Child’s Career Choice

Parents have such great influence on our child. Aside from the obvious that we pass on the character that we have to them from early childhood to the developments along the way as he grows up. It all boils down to the concern of bringing up a healthy, God fearing individual who one day will be able to answer more than just the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A child’s social competence, school readiness, curiosity usually predetermines his success in school and career choices. One thing that parents should avoid is the premeditation of what career a child should take. This usually becomes an issue during a child’s adolescence. Self estimation should always be considered, and we should allow them to that. It might be true that you more than any other person should see the giftings of your child, encourage him every step of the way, but the decision has got to come from him. Chances are he might not have the same career in mind at adolescence than the one he will decide on when he’s ready for college.

If he would rather be enrolled in an electrical school when he grows up, so be it.  For some parents, they would love to have more than just electrician certification for their child, that’s for sure. But the support will always be very important. Even to the point of choosing with the child from a list of electrical schools. Truth be told, some parents insist on a certain career for their child out of a frustrated dream they once had. That’s old school. I know of several parents of this generation learning from the mistakes of the previous ones and this is among those.

Consistency is the key. Parental influence and impact is inevitable. It is either beneficial or otherwise. The proper school support also helps. It’s good to know that career counseling in schools are now done to help students  decide on which career to pursue.

My son may be but only three years old. But these truths have to be instilled in our thoughts this early for us to be able to help him reach his maximum potential.

Parental Impact on a Child’s Career Choice

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