Eleven Years Ago Today, Part 1

After having finished a number of tasks this morning (most of them simultaneously) virtual and otherwise, I cannot help but be relieved but then again a little wrung out. I still choose to celebrate this day, as we should always. God’s mercies are new every morning. Despite the many distractions and boxes that are yet to tick from my to do list, I choose to celebrate. Even the celebration of life is meant to be intentional, we all know how easy it is for us to get bent and swayed by our circumstances.

Anyway, as I was doing one of my domestic tasks this morning and at the same time on the phone getting free insurance quotes (we’re hoping to have our current hospital insurance provider replaced), I remembered that this day is no ordinary day for the hubby and me. It is our 11th year as a couple! I suddenly felt giddy and whatever stress that came from the busyness around me, popped like a bubble.  😀

With the Part 1 suffix at the title of this post, obviously I am hoping to post a part 2. 😉  Maybe some photo essays of the years that passed. Eleven years is eleven years!  That’s a total of a hundred and thirty two months.  Although you wouldn’t wanna go see the first few years that we were together!  I was a major headache of a girlfriend to my now husband, Jeff. (LOL)   Now, I would like to think that as much as I am still a work in progress, I have blessed his life one way or another.   😀

Eleven Years Ago Today, Part 1
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