A Real Long and Blessed Day, Part 1

Today is again one of those long days for me. I would have to admit that I have some kind of a writer’s block these past days. For the past six months that we have had this domain, this is the first time that I felt that dry spell to blog. You wouldn’t exactly call the day that started “exciting,” on the contrary this is something that I dread every single time – doctor’s visit.  Neither is this something anyone can call a “date”. But since the hubby was also scheduled to see the doc, then we went together. It was fun and a break from the usual headache of going through traffic and later waiting for the doctor. Today’s doctor’s visit was something else. Believe it or not, there was not a glimpse of traffic on a rush hour Friday. Best of all, the doctor was the one who waited for us this time! You will have to admit, this is something else!  😉  Talk about raining when it pours. I love this day! For some reason, I also got a total turnaround on how I felt about not being able to access the internet. It used to be that I would get fidgety when I don’t get to blog, which explains the many entries I usually have in a day.  This time around, it was different. It was totally fine with me.

img_6717.JPGAfter seeing the doctor, we took care of ministry in our church in Makati. This photo shows one of the more interesting things that happened as we met with a group of student officers from a nearby high school who came to our church to inquire. It was a total blessing that after years that the hubby went back and forth to that school to propose a Breaking Point program that would also serve as the church’s outreach, this time around it was the school asking for our assistance through these student officers. The president was very particular about having our group tackle drug prevention. In fact, he has mentioned it a couple of times. It is not an unusual problem anymore. In fact, I believe there are a lot of young people out there who have got to get themselves into drug treatment program. We will take note to maybe ready ourselves with a list of drug rehab centers. We don’t have much reliable drug treatment centers around, but we will have to come up with a good list, just in case this is an outstanding problem in their school. Aside from the topic on drug abuse, we will conduct topics on integrity, obedience, peer pressure, even relationships. We are thrilled that the Lord has opened the door of another high school for our church to reach out to.

A Real Long and Blessed Day, Part 1

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