Update On Our Church’s Transfer

Last April, the church’s contract with the building administrators in our church’s current location expired.  It was the week after the 15th and we still weren’t able to find a new place to move in to.  We have made previous communication with the administrators requesting them to use up 1 of the 5-month security deposit and allow us until May 15 to find a place to move in to.  We also mentioned that our budget beginning May would be P20,000 instead of P35,000.

Everything turned out to be a blessing when the building administrators told us that they’re willing to allow us to stay and just consume the 5-month deposit we have within the next 8 or 9 months and we can use it up at the rate of P20,000.  SO basically, even though we weren’t able to find a new place yet, it’s like we found a place to rent at a less expensive rate.  This bought us more time to look for a place that is at least 100 square meters, on the ground floor with clear side walks.

Please continue to pray for our church as we look for a place like this in the next 8 to 9 months.  Thanks for those who are already praying.

Update On Our Church’s Transfer
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