Celebrating with Friends

We just had a two day blast with friends. We came home late last night from The Greenery, Bulacan. Our good friends just got hitched and the hubby officiated it. We traveled to that province all the way from Astoria Hotel where we checked in courtesy of our good friend, Ana Banana who just flew in from Singapore. It was a grand way of celebrating her homecoming, to say the least. And it was even grander that it coincided with the grandest news ever (forgive the superlatives, I am still overwhelmed with gladness and it is actually still surreal to me) of my passing the board! Can life get even better?! Even as I am told that it is a given fact that God’s mercies are new every morning, some days are just extra unbelievable, if you know what I mean. 🙂

 The suite we stayed in Astoria was huge. At first we kind of had a hard time locating it in spite of the fact that it is at the heart of a business district. We finally got it when we say the tallest building from amongst establishments clad with exterior shutters. We so love the place. It was a tad splendid than the previous hostel we rented where we had to pitch in per head. Those days were just like yesterday and it was fun to just remember those days. Our friendship with this bunch have really gone a long way.

 We probably all together took gazillion of shots from a total of three digicams. It’s our group’s addiction, aside from us being foodies. Here are a few of those shots:




after supper


with Chie and Ana


just got up with the sis and the son


the kids having fun at the pool


my baby and me


Ana, Rose me and the lil guy


being silly with Ninong




grand fireworks display during the wedding.


Best wishes and congratulations Diane and Alvin! God bless your marriage! 🙂

Celebrating with Friends

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