The Changes in Music

Music is rapidly changing as time progresses and we are seeing some new innovations and great ideas coming into place. After classical music It was not long ago that the Pop genre came to light, but look at it now, it has opened up into a variety of styles which have then branched off into more specialist genres. But what is causing these changes in music?

If you look back to some of the early developments of music you will notice that it was all performance based, there was no methods of recording back in the early 1900s so music was reliant on live performance. However as recording techniques were introduced we saw music itself become more digitalised, most music nowadays is produced within a studio. But why are studio recording so popular nowadays?

Well, the truth is that when you record a studio album, you have the time to perfect and add to the piece of music you have recorded, you can tweak and edit it and in a way perfect the performance using various different effects and techniques within recording programs. There is much speculation as to whether this music is better than live performance, but there are many pros and cons of both studio and live performances. Of course, if you consider how many ideas are being generated for the music business you will then be able to see the extent of how music could easily change. Technology is playing a huge role in the change of music and will continue to make a big impact on how we see music.

So what can we expect to see next in terms of music? Well, there is no way of knowing, but there are some interesting ideas being generated, it is only a matter of time before a good idea is presented that appeals to a wide audience.

The Changes in Music

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