Remembering our Wedding 6 Years Ago

Six years ago today at this exact hour, I was up with Mama and Rose inside one of Great Eastern Hotel’s large junior suites, having our breakfast. Having just called one of our friends who will come to walk in place of Jeff’s former high school classmate who texted in late that he won’t make it that day to walk with the entourage. Doing most of the wedding coordination myself, I was taxed, tensed and lacked sleep. Tossing and turning throughout the night until I slept at around 3 in the morning made it all worse. I was convinced I looked horrible! I felt I was the bride looking my worse on my big day. Harassed by the calls of my make up artist from Jun Encarnacion, who was a couple of hours late from schedule, that they were caught in traffic in Barangka which supposedly celebrates fiesta on the same day. Another irking moment. I just can’t figure out how he wasn’t able to adjust his time, just as the unbelief I had with one of Jeff’s groom’s men not giving us even a day’s notice, at it’s best, that he won’t make it. Why oh why, just a few hours before? How thoughtless can people be sometimes.


A long day sure was ahead for all of us. Jeff at this hour was himself busy getting stuff from the church, speakers, sound systems, the kneeler, microphones, the white carpet where the entourage would later walk on and everything else. Wedding coordinators in 2001 wasn’t yet a hit. We got a team in the both of us alone, plus family and friends who readily made themselves available to do the ushering and what-have-you’s. From six months before that day we resolved to do everything ourselves to fill in every nick of detail concerning our upcoming wedding.

As harassed as the whole day sounds, not to mention my having to take in half of the pill papa took to ease his tension, it sure turned to be a total celebration. I remember Atty. and Mrs. R complimented our wedding with such zest, as the event came to a close, as the most beautiful wedding ceremony they have ever witnessed. And how was that as an affirmation after all the things we had to go through! 🙂

friends at our wedding

That was so appreciated, as we saw for ourselves all our effort paying off. The event turned out to be some kind of a musical event (as planned). Even as we have assigned friends and relatives to render their respective numbers in particular parts of both the ceremony and the reception program. Their numbers were hits in themselves and I believe have overshadowed the imperfections that were: two hours delayed and the power outage just when the entourage was about to march on. (which was resolved in a few minutes by no less than Kuya Al!) Everyone did their share and we cannot credit its success to just ourselves. It was indeed the biggest affair of our lives with all these people who loved us rendering their undying support amongst the sea of witnesses of around two hundred guests. (at least that’s number of guests that we have paid for, we didn’t get to count exactly how many made it though.)




It was a day of celebration of love and life, a reflection of God’s love and plan for us, which was but only a springboard to a life not perfect, but a journey of the union of two redeemed lives who are both constant works-in-progress.

Everyday, through joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, as we depend on Him who we profess to be Lord of our lives, we live one day at a time, knowing in our hearts that we will hold true to our vows — For without Him, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)

If there’s anything I can say true of the both of us now, I definitely like the persons that we have become better than when we first married. And I believe that’s the whole idea of marriage. To be that better person for your spouse, for if not, what is there to being married at all?

I still look forward to having yet the best years of our lives, Jeff. Thank you for who you are and how you allowed the Lord to mold you in the person that you have become.

1 Corinthians 13:8 “Love never fails.”

(the inscription on our souvenir give aways)


Remembering our Wedding 6 Years Ago
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