Preppin’ Up for the Holidays!

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Last Monday, my husband, my ever reliable handyman jump-started our holiday preparation when he gave way to my nudging to get our five year old garland (which still looked fresh and green) outline our front door. I didn’t know I almost vacuum packed it, that’s why it still looked fresh and new. ๐Ÿ™‚

So there, Jeff readily did his thing. As he first thought, the garland better sit on the window sill outside and it does look cozy sitting there with all the adornments and the lights. Bonus- he figured out a way to get the remaining garland outlined on our front door, without having all the nasty wires getting caught up in between the doors (screen & narra) Brilliant!

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Yesterday, we put up our official Christmas tree! Yay! We were all giddy with excitement! And we got it for an amazing bargain price! (You won’t believe it) A couple of days from now, Jeff and I are celebrating our sixth anniversary. And for those who are following the events in our lives, we have moved houses an average of once per year. The very first Christmas tree that we had was a pink tree made of cultured leaves which we bought from Greenhills. It matched everything around the house (house #2) then as our house theme was old rose pink. Everything matched!


Five years after and a number of Christmases passed, we moved to smaller places and got our hands full with parenting and everything else, I might have mindlessly given away that tree. Hubby and I agreed, it is but timely to jump right to celebrating a.k.a. decorating mood. And why not, everything that we now have calls for celebration. Jed is now two and a half years old, and can somehow grasp the concept of Christmas and the blessing that we have moved to our very own place. Naturally, when our little guy saw all those wrapped gifts, he sure wanted to grab a hold of each one and open, now we get to teach him to wait for Christmas to have them opened. Also, that some gifts are not meant for him, but for Tita, Lola, even his favorite godsister, Chamy. Sometimes I get the automatic reaction to tell him “not yet”, even before he finishes his sentence (bad!) I should never underestimate the ability of a child to learn from one teaching. He now appreciates what gift giving is even as he points to the gifts, and instead of cajoling me to get his gifts opened, he would enumerate… “Tita’s gift, Cham-cham’s gift,” etc. But the very first time he saw the gifts, he presented such impatience, almost to a tantrum.


We’re really excited about this coming Christmas. I remember reading an article written by one of the writers of our leading newspaper, telling her readers how ticked she got over those Christmas carols playing in the air by October. She strongly feels that it wasn’t right for business people taking advantage of the populace’s extra income that are scheduled to be received by the last trimester of the year. She even said that it’s gross disrespect for nature and the Christmas season. Fact is, she just might be right on one hand and none of us should be the least surprised. But here’s the thing– we cannot control how the world operates and how people go about their businesses. As for me, I get all excited when I hear Christmas carols even in October. Why not?! I don’t allow the bargains and the sale promotions pressure me out of the “coming soon”-most-awaited-holiday-of-the-year mode. And for those who can afford a more positive outlook — let’s just say, sure the business people can be taking advantage and all – – but can we not give them the benefit that they can also be helping people prepare ahead for the season, get their gifts early on so as to avoid hitting the malls when they’re all crowded, a few weeks or days before Christmas?


And how about putting up a tree before December? It’s all up to the home owners to choose that. As opposed to what the writer said, it does not diminish the reason for the celebration. How about the saying, or was that a song, that goes… let everyday be Christmas, or to that effect. When I first read her article, I really felt her anger provoked by the Christmas air in October — almost to the extent of suffocating her.


We aren’t in a perfect world and even as I try to evaluate the sadness of the article, there must be some reason behind that-the passionate person that she is. So there, let’s just enjoy the season as it is. Forget legalism. Behind all the bright lights and glittered adornments, even as we put up all our Christmas decors, let us remind ourselves that this is not just a mere holiday. Christmas should remind us about the birth of our Saviour– that paved the way for the rising of the King who chose live lowly on earth, who, after 33 years had to shed his blood to save us from our sins and for man to have eternal life. That’s why we give and receive gifts during Christmas to begin with. To symbolize Jesus as the gift of God to man.


Let the Christmas cheer live on! Merry Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

Preppin’ Up for the Holidays!
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