Philippine Tourism and MSMEs to Benefit Vastly from Kahanga-hanga PH

Now that pandemic lockdowns have eased, many industries have started its way towards recovery. One
sector raring to regain lost ground is tourism which was one of the sectors hardest hit by COVID-19.
One of the most noteworthy initiatives recently launched to jumpstart tourism is KH-PH or Kahanga-
hanga Pilipinas, an e-commerce advocacy program of logistics leader Airspeed Group of Companies.
KHPH focuses on tourism as beneficiary and driver for growth as it takes online buyers on a virtual visit
of the Philippine provinces’ local tourist spots, activities, and products that can be bought for gifting,
“pasalubong,” and other purposes.

To help our Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sell their creative and “Proud Pinoy”
products, KHPH will help these businesses keep up with current trends and modern business practices,
so as not to be left behind in the country’s economic growth. The Amazing Philippines Digital Economy
Corporation (APDEC), Airspeed’s digital arm, will spearhead the KHPH program and with the help of the
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) hopes to develop an ever-growing list of MSME and government
partners across the country. These partnerships are managed from merchant portfolio building,
business development, product curating, to brand building.

Philippine Tourism and MSMEs to Benefit Vastly from Kahanga-hanga PH

To purchase these Proud Pinoy products online, buyers can go directly to In its quest
to drive interest to KHPH, travelogue pages on Tiktok and Instagram have also been introduced wherein
different locations, activities, and products of KHPH partner MSMEs are showcased. Quick and easy to
use links to the selling platform are also incorporated here to make the buying experience seamless and

Through Kahanga-hanga Pilipinas, the beauty of the Philippines will most certainly be seen by a wider
audience while empowering our MSMEs to scale their ventures to greater heights.

Philippine Tourism and MSMEs to Benefit Vastly from Kahanga-hanga PH

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