Shopee’s #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair Feature: Go Natural | Discounts Up to 20% OFF

Our family’s leaning towards nature’s ability to heal and sustain our health is something that we feel strongly about. This is why we really make sure to go as natural as possible even with our food supplements.

Here’s worth checking out as Go Natural joins Shopee’s #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair and offers discounts of up to 20% off!

Turmericap Plus

Turmericap Plus

Life doesn’t need to end at 60! Give joy back to your joints! As we age, the cartilage in our joints also wears away, and inflammation to our joints become more common. Turmericap Plus is an FDA approved natural food supplement that helps curb inflammation to our joints.

Naturally formulated with the goodness of these ingredients:

  • Turmeric that helps ease inflammation as well as being rich with antioxidants
  • Ginger that helps treat nausea
  • Cinnamon that contains anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties
  • Capsaicin that helps relieve pain and normalize blood sugar
  • Black Pepper that helps aid in the absorption of Turmeric in the body

Recommended Dosage: 1 capsule, 10 minutes before breakfast, every day.

Guyamaax Herbal Food Supplement

Guyamaax Herbal Food Supplement

Guyamaax is an herbal supplement containing the combination of Natures’ finest anti-oxidants which can prevent free radicals that causes premature aging, decreased mental function and deprived immune system.

Guyabano contains substances that can improve intestinal health, Vitamin C boosts the immune system, Turmeric and Mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants to improve mental health and maintain healthy skin.

DeLite Herbal Tea in All Variants

DeLite Herbal Tea in All Variants (Bundle of 3)

DeLite Herbal Tea is a delicious way to enjoy traditional, healthy, and 100% Filipino tea. It comes in three flavors: Ampalaya, Salabat, and Turmeric. All three have no artifical flavorings and fat. Infused with Calamansi (Philippine Tropical Lime), this healthy and delightful drink is void of any bitterness, only enjoyable tanginess due to the strong Calamansi presence.

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Shopee’s #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair Feature: Go Natural | Discounts Up to 20% OFF

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