5 Essential Skin Care Tips for Your Baby

While sunny days generally offer a much-needed energy boost and vitamin D, the heat could easily affect your baby’s sensitive skin if you are not careful enough. You may not realize it, but your little one is prone to developing sakit sa balat or skin issues like heat rash and diaper rash—which can be a common thing while living in a hot and humid country like the Philippines. 

5 Essential Skin Care Tips for Your Baby

So, before you get busy trying to find the cutest outfit that will show off your baby’s chubby arms and thighs, you should first learn about the most suitable skincare approach for your toddler during this time of the year. To help you get started, here are five simple tips that you may want to consider to keep your precious one’s delicate complexion healthy and kissable despite the heat:

  • Give Your Baby a Proper Bath 

The majority of skin conditions that tend to flare up during hot weather are often caused by dust, sweat, and grime from your baby’s body. That is why it is essential that you give your little one a proper bath once a day for cooling and cleansing.  Be sure that the water temperature is not too hot, and use a mild baby cleanser to prevent skin irritation. You may also use a washcloth to cleanse your child’s body and gentle shampoo to wash their hair. More importantly, keep bath sessions brief to prevent skin dryness. 

  • Limit Outdoor Activities

Playing in the park or going to the beach may be exciting for a toddler, but you need to limit their sun exposure as much as possible. Are you aware that there is strong evidence that sun exposure and sunburns during childhood significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer in the future?  As such, it is best to plan your outdoor activities for early morning, late afternoon, or early evening when the sun’s rays are at their weakest. 

If you must go out in the middle of the day, bring an umbrella or have your child wear a broad-brimmed hat to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays. You may also apply a mineral-based baby sunscreen lotion with a high sun protection factor (SPF) on exposed skin areas 15 to 30 minutes before heading outside for additional protection. Do not hesitate to ask your pediatrician for recommendations if you are not sure what type of sunscreen is best for your child. 

  • Keep Your Baby Cool and Dry 

Small children tend to have lower body temperatures than adults. Whenever they crawl, climb, and play, they are bound to sweat excessively, especially when the weather is hot and humid. This excessive sweating could cause blockage of the sweat ducts, resulting in the appearance of tiny pink bumps on the skin, known as prickly heat rash or bungang araw


This skin condition can be itchy, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. Do not let your child suffer from heat rash by making sure they are always cool and dry. There are plenty of ways to do so. For one, make sure to clothe your child in breathable and loose-fitting outfits. Opt for light-colored fabrics as well since dark colors tend to absorb more heat. You should also stay in air-conditioned or well-ventilated areas whenever possible or bring portable fans to keep your baby from sweating too much. Moreover, never leave your child in a car seat or stroller for too long as the combination of body heat and poor ventilation will undoubtedly leave your baby sweating profusely.  

  • Change Your Baby’s Diaper More Frequently

Diaper rash occurs more frequently during hot weather because of excessive sweat and heat that irritates the skin, especially when the diaper is left on for several hours. To protect your baby from this uncomfortable and annoying skin condition, you should change your baby’s nappy more often. Do not wait for your child to get fussy. Change soiled and wet diapers immediately. Also, remember to clean your child’s bottom with plain water and mild cleanser every time you change their nappy to prevent skin irritation. 

You may also consider using lampin or cloth diapers during the day to give your baby’s bottom some air. As you may know, cloth diapers are more breathable and comfortable than disposable ones because they are made of fabrics that let air in freely. That means there will be less sweat/moisture that can irritate the skin. Make sure to try various types of cloth diapers to know what works best for your little one before purchasing several pieces on the first brand you find online. 

  • Keep Baby Wipes Handy

Whether you are going outside or staying indoors, always keep a packet of alcohol-free baby wipes handy. This allows you to easily wipe dust, dirt, and grime from your child’s skin when needed. Baby wipes are also effective in keeping the skin fresh and cool, especially if the weather is too hot and humid. It’s like giving your little one a quick bath without going through much trouble. So, keep sweat, dirt, and excess heat from irritating your child’s skin by using wet wipes. 

Your little one has sensitive, delicate skin that is prone to skin blemishes. That is why you should take

extra care to keep their complexion healthy. Try the skincare tips above, and do not hesitate to ask your

pediatrician for advice when you notice a rash or other skin issues that do not go away quickly. Keep in

mind that erring on the side of caution is always better when it comes to your baby’s well-being.

5 Essential Skin Care Tips for Your Baby

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