3 Great Tips to Give Your Home Lasting Curb Appeal

Have you always wanted to own the most attractive home on your block? A curb appeal makeover is all your home needs to show off your sense of style and design. Create lasting curb appeal with these three great tips.

3 Great Tips to Give Your Home Lasting Curb Appeal

1. Upgrade Your Front Porch

Instantly make your home look more welcoming by giving your front porch an upgrade. Start with the lighting – install updated fixtures that will light the way for your guests if they’re arriving after dark. You could also set out some potted plants to add some extra color when seasonally appropriate. For the finishing touch, set out some attractive seating to give your new porch an inviting feel. The best wooden Adirondack chairs will lend a traditional look while standing up to the outdoor elements.

2. Improve Your Lawn

Many homeowners forget how much a healthy lawn contributes to overall curb appeal. Be sure to provide basic care during the summer, such as regular mowing and trimming and periodic aeration. When the grass goes dormant, there’s still work to be done. In the colder months, feed the grass a fall and winter blend of fertilizer to kickstart healthy growth when the weather gets warmer. You’ll have that lush, green lawn that lays the foundation for good curb appeal.

3. Plant Living Borders

Instantly distinguish your property from the other homes in the neighborhood by surrounding your home with a living border of texture and color. Create flowerbeds along your property lines and fill them with plants that provide year-round appeal, including herbaceous plants, blooming bulbs and berry bushes like winterberry holly or beautyberry – even during wintertime, these bushes provide cheerful color.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of time or money to transform the look of your property. Follow these tips and you’ll show your pride of ownership by creating curb appeal that lasts.

3 Great Tips to Give Your Home Lasting Curb Appeal

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