The Rise of Marriage and Relationship Influencer

A business or a brand reaches its target market and makes promotions on a wider scale throughinfluencer marketing. This marketing strategy is a form of public relations initiative which is focused on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It often involves identifying, engaging, and supporting individuals – popularly known as content creators or influencers – who create conversations with a brand’s customers. This growing trend for years is predominantly centered around social media and it creates an opportunity for brands and businesses to market or advertise through social media influencers.

The Rise of Marriage and Relationship Influencer

The advancement of media and technology have led to the evolution of social media influencer marketing which involves people representing companies through branded content on personal social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and YouTube. 

A new channel for brands to connect with consumers and attract target audience more directly and more organically through social media influencers was born due to the rise of social media in popularity. Social media influencers are now on the rise and theirpopularity in the field of advertising and marketing has paved the way for those who promote relationship or marriage.

Who are relationship or marriage influencers?

Social media, especially Instagram is predominantly used by women where 68% of the network’s users and 60% of influencers are female. But just as they say, behind every strong Instagram woman, there’s a man taking pictures of her from every imaginable angle. This is where the terms Insta-boyfriend or IG husband, which both refer to significant others that help influencers to take the pictures posted on social media, came and have become popular in recent years. These relationship influencers simply make their followers  go “Aw! They are so cute,and their adorable pictures on social media, more often on Instagram is what people make believe in fairy tales and in forever.

Influencers whose content is related to relationship or marriage is very popular. More often they are couples who are active on social media sharing a bit of their #relationshipgoals to their followers or readers.

These influencer couples perform better inengagement rates because their content tells more stories which is why cooperation with Instagram lovebirds is beneficial for influencer marketing campaigns.

In every relationship – whether a couple is married or not – there are conflicts and these influencers can help them resolve those conflicts and improve their relationships. Through their social media and blogs, they share how to make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening the relationship.

These influencers or bloggers make contents that focuses on how couples could better understand each other and they help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before marriage.

Relationship and marriage influencers feature topics such as communication problems, sexual difficulties, conflicts about child rearing or blended families, and even the ugly part of any relationship such as infidelity.

Some relationship influencers focus on topics about wedding. A successful wedding is a good start of a lifetime relationship but wedding planning can be stressful. According to a recent study, 96% of the 500 couples surveyed said they are freaking the eff out about wedding planning. 40% of those couples categorized wedding planning as “extremely stressful” while 71% thought it was more nerve-wracking than other major life events. Wedding influencers makes wedding planning a little less stressful for a couple and marrying the love of their life, more meaningful.

Just like other types and kinds of influencers in the marketing industry, relationship and marriage influencers work with companies topromote relevant and relatable content to clients and capture the attention of brand consumers, more easily and strategic.

Brands prefer relationship influencers especially couples because they have a candid look into their daily life. These accounts also has plenty of depth, which is why they attract such a large following. Their clear and defined niche, unique style, and great content; make these accounts become the go-to places for ideas, tips and inspiration and they build a huge community of people that want to follow their lifestyle for their inspiring content.

Big and innovative brands partner with these  relationship influencers because of their highly target nature of audience and demographic, and their content are in increasing demand for advertiser sponsorships, partnerships, and sponsored content; amidst this pandemic.

In these time of uncertainty, the inspiration these influencers give the audience and the positivity that their social media accounts reflect to the netizens somehow makes people believe that we can all get through this soon, no matter what.

The Rise of Marriage and Relationship Influencer

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