3 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Need to Craft

The trendiness of crafting is escalating. Naturally, the demand for handmade goods is also increasing. Hobbyist crafters are beginning to see real potential in transforming themselves into business professionals. This is in large part due to the internet, which provides an avenue for artists to sell their work, gain exposure, and utilize the convenience to buy craft supplies online. However, money isn’t the only benefit of crafting. It has been proven there are mental, emotional, and physical gains to crafting in the following ways.


The ability to involve various areas of the brain is what makes crafting special. It can wield your focus and memory while incorporating the use of your creativity, visuospatial abilities, and problem-solving skills. Crafts have proven to reduce the onset of age-related memory issues. Studies show that engaging in crafting activities, even in late life, can protect against mild cognitive impairment such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Crafting also sharpens your arithmetic. Woodwork, sewing, and soap making are just a few examples that utilize math skills, including the four basic operations of mathematics, measuring, and creating patterns.


From refurbishing vintage furniture to making intricate dreamcatchers, all crafts require exceptional hand-eye coordination. For instance, knitting and crocheting are known to improve your dexterity. While knitting, you execute precise and often quick movements. This repeated activity enhances the tone and steadiness of the muscles in your hand. It’s also advantageous to the flexibility of your fingers. Although it may seem contradictory, the hand motion performed while knitting aids those who suffer from arthritis to sustain their mobility.


The struggle is real when it comes to maintaining emotional health. Be that as it may, there are definitely creative outlets to help alleviate the symptoms. Craft courses such as basketry and pottery have long been prescribed to relieve patients of anxiety, depression, physical ailments, loneliness, and even grief. Those who participate normally experience a boost in their mood with lower levels of stress and nervousness.

Crafting activities also promote mindfulness. This healthy distraction keeps your focus on the present. This activates a part of the brain that reconciles emotions by inhibiting the activity of processing fear and negative feelings.

Working with your hands and creating something new elevates all the levels of your health. When you combine stellar overall health with a prolific skillset, your opportunities become limitless. Not sure which craft is for you? Just dive in and allow the cup of your creative juices to run over.

3 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Need to Craft

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