5 Essential Features a Great Teacher Should Have

Teaching is passing on knowledge. Teaching is a skill, as one could know and still not be a good teacher (but maybe, he can be a good writer at Thesishelpers.com. In educating, content delivery and approach matters a lot. The students have a lot of expectations from the person delivering knowledge.

5 Unmistakable Features of a Good Teacher

Teaching is not for everybody. While some people just thrive in it, others excel in it. Listed below are the five most important qualities every good teacher should possess.

1. Make Objectives Clear

Every good teacher should let their students know the objectives of the course from the very beginning. Carrying the students along helps to give direction and order during the term. Both the teacher and the students are guided and know what to expect from each lesson.

Lesson objectives help to measure progress. Because each party knows what to expect at the end of the lesson, learning will be more deliberate.

2. Passion

Passion makes all the difference in whatever vocation a person does. This saying is especially true for a teacher. A good teacher should possess love and exhibit zeal while teaching.

A passionate teacher goes the extra mile to ensure the students learn as much as possible. Because of the zeal and love for the job, a good teacher does not slack on his assignments and usually has very outstanding students.

3. Students Participation

Learning doesn’t have to be boring or dogmatic. Every great teacher knows to carry the students along. It doesn’t matter the level of education. An open and engaging class makes the students free to contribute to the lessons.

This practice also enhances the student-teacher relationship. A one-sided class where the teacher does all the talking tends to be too silent. Distraction sets in, and students are not learning anything at the end of the day.

Teachers need to work extra hard to keep the attention of the students in the classroom as their smartphones are never far away from them.

4. Get Enough Knowledge

It is never a good thing for a teacher to go into the class without adequate preparation. It never ends well. Either the students miss relevant information, or the teacher is embarrassed.

A good teacher should always know more than the students or at least be a bit ahead. It is expected that a teacher handling a subject should be very familiar with the course. An essential part of the preparation is getting knowledge about the course.

5. Class Management

Being able to manage the class effectively is very important for a teacher. Students are bound to get unruly and cause a distraction to the class. It is the job of an excellent teacher to avoid that. And correct it if it happens.

Punishing bad behavior is also a part of teaching, as unpleasant as it is. Keeping to time is also a part of class management. A good teacher should know how to manage the time. Adhere strictly to starting and ending time.


The job of a teacher has an immeasurable impact on the life of the students. There is a need for extra care in handling the students. The above qualities distinctly differentiate an excellent teacher from an average one.  

5 Essential Features a Great Teacher Should Have

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