Building Your Family’s Financial Roadmap

Coming from a generation that did not have “Financial Literacy” as part of our curriculum, I can say that we practically went on board, with blindfolds – figuring out “adulting,” as we go along. I consider myself blessed growing up getting to witness what it is like to live with prudence. Thanks to my mother. For sure, as a child, I did not appreciate it back then. But now that I have grown, I love seeing how she’s able to enjoy the things she does now because of her “prudent” choices from when she was young. She is even able to extend and bless others too, because of those wise choices.

financial roadmap

I wish I can say I have arrived, because to this day, I still am figuring things out. But as a family, we have done major strides towards this so called “financial adulting.” Life, health and personal accident insurance, et. al. After having explored mutual funds in the past decade, we started discovering the shores of stock trading last year. Yes, we might have started late. But we’re taking baby steps. Dave Ramsey did say it’s always best to start early – “because the sooner you begin investing, the more time your money has to grow.” But it is still better than not starting at all. Building a financial roadmap is a non-negotiable, if you want your family to thrive in the many different seasons and transitions of life.

Building Your Family’s Financial Roadmap

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