Using Online Dating to Find Love

Modern life has some incredible advantages over any other period in history. We live longer, we have more variety, we have access to so much information, and we are less physically exhausted, so our bodies don’t wear out as fast.

Online dating

There is much to recommend modern life. However, the biggest downside is trying to meet someone has become much harder. Falling in love, starting a family, building a life together, these are things that we all still crave, but most of us do not know how to obtain the world that our parents and grandparents enjoyed.

People want a genuine connection. This is one of the reasons that online dating sites have developed in the last 20 years. Although the media has latched on recently to apps like Tinder as seedy resource designed for teens and married men to “hook up”, this is really not what the vast majority of people using dating sites are looking for.

However, with the increase of niche market dating sites, and the explosion of relationship seeking sites in general, it can be surprisingly hard to find which site you want to join up with. Yet because to get the full value of a site you might be looking at paying a membership fee, you probably don’t want to be paying for a full membership to multiple sites. This is where resources like Dating Throne – The Best Online Dating Resource are great. As they can help you work out what you are looking for in a dating site, and direct you to exactly where you need to be.

What Are You Looking For?

By the time most people get to the stage of looking at signing up to a dating site, they have usually been on the dating scene a while. For some reason we still habitually still try old fashioned methods of meeting our future love, even though we no longer live in an old-fashioned world.

So, changes are high that you have probably been on a few very unsuccessful dates, had a few attempts at asking people out 9which have had a variety of interesting results), maybe even had a few relationships. However, for a variety of reasons obviously none of these have worked out as well as you had hoped.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is what are you really looking for?

Write down a list! Traits that your perfect partner should have. Don’t be self-critical when you start to do this. If you generally find blondes the most attractive type of person, put that down. If you want someone who can cook, put that down. Do you envision yourself sitting beside a fire listening to your spouse playing guitar for you? Then put down an ability to play guitar as a desired trait.

But What Do You Really, Really Want?

Writing your list isn’t to help you to create a shopping list of desirable traits, but to really get you thinking about what you want in life. This list is just the first step. Now you have to work out why each of these traits are desirable.

Do you want to have someone who can play guitar because you really love listening guitar, or is it more that you would like to enjoy quiet evening just enjoying each other’s company without needing to watch TV? Or is it more that music is a really important aspect of your life and you want to be with someone who can share your passion?

Think about the things that have really annoyed you in past relationships. Maybe you had someone who could never seem to put the milk back in the fridge, drank orange juice straight out of the bottle, or refused to feed that cat. While everyone has little quirks (like these) that annoy anyone who lives with them from time to time, many of the things that really, really, bug you will have a deeper meaning. You may, at least subconsciously, view someone who refuses to ever feed the cat doesn’t value animals in the same was as you, someone who doesn’t put the milk away as untidy, or someone who drinks straight out of the bottle as unhygienic. If these are traits that you can’t stand in a person, write them down.

Your Perfect Person

Once you’ve worked how why you like or dislike the things you do, you have come a long way in being able to find your perfect person. Be open and honest, say that you are quite passionate about animals and are looking for someone who treats your cat as part of the family. Say that you want someone who will keep you entertained while you read a book, someone who just enjoys being in the moment.

You may not realize it, but creating these lists is your first step to creating your online profile for a dating site – and that is your step forward to being able to find love.


Using Online Dating to Find Love

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