4 Tips for Investing in Solar Parking Lot Lighting

As darkness sets in and sufficient lighting is no longer present, security and pedestrian mobility along public spaces such as parking lots can become a major concern among communities. Talking of the parking lots alone, it is estimated that 80% of crimes committed at night in malls, business parks, shopping centers, among other public places occur at dark in unlit parking lots. Unlit spaces psychologically motivate perpetrators as they are more likely to be able to get away with crime untraced.

4 Tips for Investing in Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Nevertheless, ambiently lit parking lots are not solely about giving users a great sense of security. In a business context, they increase operating hours and curb appeal to customers. Thanks to renewable solar energy that accords enterprises and residences the ability to cost-effectively irradiate parking lots. 


Some critical factors to consider while investing in solar parking lot lighting include:  


  • Analyse your needs for solar parking lot lighting to get them sufficiently covered


Depending on location and users, different parking lots have different lighting needs. The universal reason as to why different businesses and residences install parking lot lighting is to boost safety and security around such environments. Other specific needs include; supporting the functionality of different security devices such as CCTV cameras and motion sensors, consistent provision of lighting even during power outages and attracting nighttime customer traffic to businesses. 

Delineating the reasons as to why you need to install solar parking lot lighting lets you choose the right solar lighting solution. Different parking lot lighting solutions can be arrived at based on intensity or lumen, efficacy, CRI (color-rendering index), CCT (correlated color temperature), among other specifications. 


  • Know the solar energy potential of your location


Different locations bear different solar energy potentials which define the type of solar systems and configurations to be used. Therefore, before any solar energy implement is chosen, calculations on solar irradiance and insolation need to be made. Solar Lighting International – parking lot street lights, is one of the few reputable entities that can lead you and your team trough getting the right figures on solar irradiance and insolation of your locality. Consequently landing the most ideal solar parking lot solution that will maximumly serve your needs. 


  • Organize for training, if need be


Advanced solar lighting systems have the capability of being controlled or monitored remotely using synchronized software applications. If you are investing in such lighting systems, then it is advisable that your team undergoes training on how to safely operate the systems. Such priming can always be done by the contractor involved in the installation process. 


  • Consider the cost of installation, maintenance, and servicing


Finally, the ideal solar parking lighting solutions suggested by your contractor or technician retail at different prices. This calls for budgeting on the right type of installation that will offer a long-term solution to your needs. Also to consider is the price of maintenance and servicing the green energy systems over time. A solar lighting system that requires minimum servicing annually makes an ultimate choice that will cause you less strain in terms of finances.  

4 Tips for Investing in Solar Parking Lot Lighting

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