Mr. Big’s Specialty Pillows at the SM Home Fair and My Thoughts on the Jay Pillow’s Potential to Relieve My Scoliotic Pain

For someone who used to have no less than 5 pillows to have a good night’s sleep, the recent exhibit of Mr. Big at the SM Home Fair, made complete sense to me. It was the lone thing that made me wake up without my scoliosis getting triggered as bad, and have me suffer the rest of the day. The presentation of Registered Physical Therapist Charmaine Geronimo, was a total eye-opener for me. It’s just like getting your needs affirmed by this heaven-sent physical therapist, when people might as well judge you for needing so much pillows for your sanity! Ha!

For practical reasons, or to be exact, to keep my husband from constantly falling off the bed, I had to size down from five to three pillows. Lol! Eighteen years into marriage, I wish I can say that my back has gotten used to just three pillows. 🙁

mr. big pillows at smx sm home fair

I was in Pillow Heaven! 

mr. big pillows at smx sm home fair 9 pillow

Needless to say this Mr. Big Nine Pillow caught my attention in an instant. I knew in my gut that it has the potential to solve my ever demanding scoliotic problem. Imagine not having to lug around dreamland with all the pillows in the world, or so the hubs will say.


This is the first time I’m letting this out. I’m a PWD ID holder. Not proud of it. But it is what it is. My scoliosis started nagging when I was in college, it was when I also got diagnosed. I availed of privileged therapies that my being a student at UST gave, then on towards what my health card approved. When nothing helped, I went into chiropractic care when pregnancy made the pain worse. Spinal adjustments started post-partum though – chiropractic adjustments are not considered safe during pregnancy. I was told that it can trigger miscarriage or pre-term labor.

Thus far, I can no longer last a week without undergoing high potential therapy, which is I believe is similar to extracorporeal shock wave therapy. While I love getting chiro treatments the best, it’s not exactly that most economical.

Mr. Big Nine Pillow

Just look at the holistic support the Nine Pillow is designed to address.

Truth be told, our current orthopedic memory foam mattress hardly does anything. Go figure.

Mr. Big’s Nine Pillow offers full support right where you need it. It supports from head to leg, wraps you in correct spine alignment. It suits side sleepers who often lack support.

Mr. Big Jay-Pillow

Mr. Big Jay-Pillow

Mr. Big says to go for Jay, if you’re less than 165 cm tall.  The Jay Pillow has all the benefits of a Nine Pillow. But the Nine Pillow is best for those who are over 5’4″. Because of my rather petite frame, I get the snuggle fit with Jay, and
I have reason to believe that Mr. Big’s Jay Pillow has the potential of giving me a good night’s sleep, and keep that nagging scoliotic pain at bay.   I’m a certified side-sleeper, so this really is the best pillow for me. Jay for J- en! Makes complete sense, right? Now I know what I’m asking for my next birthday from the hubby! 🙂

Mr. Big Body Scale Pillows

BodyScale Pillows: 5 pillows for 5 different body types

Fit well to the  shape of head and neck and firm enough for your head’s weight and shoulders width. With a few clicks and I got my best fit pillow.

Mr. Big Best Fit Pillow

I got BodyScale No.2, a Body Pillow that’s 20×50 in., and an Orthocurve pillow for my 5 feet, 102 pound-frame. 🙂

Find out what the best pillow for your frame here.

Mr. Big 7-Pillow

Another specialty pillow of Mr. Big is the Seven Pillow

Listen and learn from Physical Therapist Charmaine Geronimo on the crucial role of having the right kind of pillow when you sleep.

The founder of  Mr. Big Pillow is Mr. Chawakit Kaoien. He is a physical therapist who spent years working in the ICU of a hospital’s respiratory unit and was in-charge of bedridden critical care patients and see to it that they are kept comfortable and could breathe properly. This led him to develop a brand of pillows that would benefit every individual.

mr. big pillows at smx sm home fair

My son and I at the SM Home Fair

Check out Mr. Big Pillow on FacebookAn ongoing Mr. Big Pillow giveaway is currently on until July 31, 2019 – get a chance to win their specialty pillows.


Mr. Big’s Specialty Pillows at the SM Home Fair and My Thoughts on the Jay Pillow’s Potential to Relieve My Scoliotic Pain

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