Make Cleaning Fun with #PineSol #MyCleanMovesPh

Long time readers know that I’ve been for the most part, helper-free. Aside from the difficulty of finding a reliable one, I have experienced inconveniences of employing a helper. One was caught red handed hitting my then toddler, another was a thief. I found out too late that victimized her previous employer. The good one who stayed a couple of years with us had to start a family and move to the province.

Make Cleaning Fun with #MyCleanMovesPh with #Pinesol

House chores can be a handful, especially when I have my plate filled with homeschooling and my freelancing work-from-home  job. This is why I’m ultra thrilled that Pinesol has arrived the Philippine shores.

Yes, I make my own homemade DIY house cleaning products. But when tasks prevent me from making one (which is true for a while now), PineSol is my trustworthy alternate.

PineSol is mighty reliable and very effective in getting rid of otherwise stubborn grease, grime, and dirt. It also leaves the house smelling fresh and fragrant.

I totally love Dimples Romana! Events with her in it, I get to be sold out. She’s fun and authentic! There couldn’t be a finer PineSol brand ambassador, if you ask me.  🙂

Check out this wee video clip I made of Dimples getting her groove on as she champions fellow moms during the launch on keeping housecleaning fun with the PineSol Cleaning Dance Challenge.

Make Cleaning Fun with #MyCleanMovesPh with #Pinesol

Join the PineSol Cleaning Dance Challenge and get a chance to win exciting prizes! If you think you can groove through your chores here’s how to join:

1. Visit and register your email.
2. Verify your email and submit your entry on the website. Your photo should showcase cleaning any part of your home using any variant of PineSol products.
3. Upload your entry on Facebook when you receive a validation with a unique entry ID attached to your photo. Use the hashtags #PineSol #MyCleanMovesPH #ContestPH

Prizes at Stake:
1. Bose Bluetooth Bucket Speaker
2. Bose Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
3. Bose Wireless Earphones

Contest runs from June 1 to 30, 2019 and winners will be announced on July 12, 2019.

Make Cleaning Fun with #PineSol #MyCleanMovesPh

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