Happy 10th Anniversary, Cordlife Philippines!

My first discovery of cord blood banking was when I was still pregnant with my son, in 2004. Unfortunately during that time, cord blood banking can only be done in Singapore, which made its prospect outside of our back then very limited budget. Fourteen years since, I remain to be a believer. And if only we had the capacity to afford this back then, we surely would have given this a go.

cordlife philippines

Fast forward to 2019, and Cordlife is celebrating its 10th anniversary of giving chances and choices to save lives here in the Philippines.  After all these years, the cord blood stem cell banking and its innovation, to me, remains to be nothing short of amazing.  Especially when we round up all the stem cell treatable diseases that continues to be discovered at a revolutionary pace. I personally know of friends and loved ones who were given an extended lease to life, with their illnesses getting cured by stem cell therapy.

Above is an excerpt of the 10th anniversary celebration of Cordlife Philippines held in Crown Plaza Manila.

Cordlife is amongst the leading players for private cord blood banking services in most of the markets it operates in, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Cordlife Philippines was born in 2009

Cordlife was first introduced to the Philippine market in April 2009. Cord blood processing and storage facility in UP AyalaLand Technohub in Quezon City was established in 2010. It has a storage capacity for 30,000 cord blood and cord lining units and is built in accordance to global gold standards to give local families peace of mind.

It is the first and only stem cell bank to be registered with DOH and to be certified by ISO in the country since 2012. Cordlife is also the first in the Philippines to earn the prestigious AABB Accreditation in 2017.

Cordlife Employees
Cordlife Philippines celebrates their 10th anniversary. It has been a fulfilling decade of giving chances and choices to help save lives. From an initial staff of less than ten, their highly talented team has grown to almost a hundred.

Cordlife Clients
The first set of families who invested on the health and future of their families by banking their children’s cord blood with Cordlife Philippines.

Ten Years of Quality Blood Banking

Cordlife Philippines does not just take pride in their expertise on cord blood banking. They also have kept their integrity in delivering the the highest quality standard in their service and product offerings.

Cordlife also provides families with more treatment options as they launched their cord lining banking service in 2013. And when a company thrives, offshoot fruits are inevitable. With their clients’ health in mind, Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Program, Cordlife Shield, Cordblood Network, and Cordlife Transplant Care were introduced along the way.

Cordlife Doctors
The medical health practitioners who have continued to support Cordlife Philippines by educating their patients on the importance of cord blood banking.  L-R: Pauleen Luna Sotto, Dr. Raul Quillamor, Dr. Anthony Marc Ancheta, Ms. Suzanne Salindong, Dr. Gregorio B. Pastorfide, Dra. Lety Chua Torregosa, and Gelli Victor


One Blood

Cordlife Philippines pioneered a national advocacy called One Blood in 2017. The CSR program grants free cord blood banking to qualified pregnant moms with family history of diseases that can be treated by cord blood stem cells.

In celebrating the first ever World Cord Blood Day in the country, Cordlife Philippines joined hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals, celebrity brand ambassadors, and Cordlife moms to spread awareness about cord blood and cord blood banking through informative talks and lectures.

Cordlife also introduced their Privilege Card that offers discounts and promos from their trusted partner brands.

Cordlife Brand Ambassadors
Celebrity brand ambassadors join in the celebration of Cordlife Philippines’ anniversary. (L-R) Patrick Garcia, Chito Miranda with wife Neri Miranda and son Miggy Miranda, Miriam Quiambao-Roberto and husband Ardy Roberto, Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga with daughter Isabela and husband Jun Sunga, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta with husband Mark and children Pele and Vika, Juris Fernandez-Lim and husband Gavin Lim, Samantha Godinez-Valenciano and daughter Leia

The gift of giving chances and choices in securing precious stem cells will continue as Cordlife Philippines remain steadfast in providing reliable healthcare solutions and delivering excellence in cord blood banking and as they continue to offer life-changing and life-saving therapeutic options for families in the future, they resolve to continuously offer quality services. Because after all, Cordlife is really all about celebrating the gift of life!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Cordlife Philippines!

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