The Journey Podcast is Live!

The Journey Podcast by Jeffrey Aspacio

It may be a work-in-progress, but it’s definitely a start! ? Thank you, Manila Workshops! The recent How to Start a Podcast in 30 Days conducted by The Big Picture Philippines was more than informative. It was empowering!

The Journey Podcast is Live!

Podcast Workshop class picture with Joseph Librero and Dave Visaya of The Big Picture Philippines.

 1st podcast episode was live a little over 24hrs after the #PodcastWorkshop
 2nd episode up in less than 1.5 days.
 3rd and 4th episodes, in 2 days 
 Live via different platforms in 3 days.
 Available on iTunes in less than a week.

 Available on Spotify in 2 weeks.
The Journey Podcast is Live!

The Podcast workshop springboarded us to something we thought was beyond ourselves. It’s fun to learn and embrace the potential of reinventing oneself, and just getting some relevant messages across – whether it’s just us listening, or the hope that maybe someday we get subscribed to by 3 more. ?


The Journey Podcast is Available in the Following Platforms:



The Journey on Pocket Cast

The Journey on Castbox

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The Journey on iTunes or Apple Podcasts


the journey podast

The Journey on Spotify

Becoming like Christ is a life-long process that begins through a life-changing decision to repent and follow. Tune in to listen to podcasts that can guide you in your own spiritual journey. We hope you can check out The Journey Podcast on iOs and different Android platforms.

The Journey Podcast is Live!

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