Our Son is Officially a Philippine Science High School Scholar!

My son made it to Pisay! I was already okay with Marikina Science, of which we were notified earlier that Jed passed the entrance exam. Then we received this scholarship offer from Philippine Science High School offer.

pisay scholar offer

It was only towards the end of Level 5 when our son considered his Papa’s appeal to take the Philippine Science High School’s National Competitive Examination. Prior to that, he won’t hear of it. Even if we told him that if ever he makes it, he will be like his Papa graduating from a special Science high school. Only better.  Philippine Science High School is the leading Science High School in the Asia Pacific Region.

The only thing that convinced Jed is when we told him that even if he makes the cut, he still gets to choose if he’ll move forward with the enrollment or if he still wants to continue homeschooling. No problem.

Jed took the NCE days before we flew to the United States for our almost a month long vacation as we supported Jeff as he ran the New York Marathon. We really had no idea how things will turn out. We resolved to continue praying as we move forward.


As per Jed’s exam result, he only had 1 mistake in Abstract Reasoning and  2 mistakes in Verbal. We don’t believe in review classes, so we did not subject our son to usual review classes specifically taken by NCE exam takers. While it might be a good preparation for some, it might just be nothing but a glorified form of cramming, where a student is subjected to information overload to make their odds better at passing. But the thing is, what’s already foundational is already set in the student’s make-up over the years of learning. If ever a student passes with the help of review classes, chances are whatever he or she learned are just as rapidly forgotten.

It may also be because we believe in the School of Tomorrow system, and we are not exactly that gung-ho in getting Jed into a Science High School. If he’s cut for it, then he’ll make it. But if he’s not for it, SOT is a respectable and superior quality school he can graduate high school from.

Preparation for Pisay

pisay nce exam permit

After applying to take the NCE and our son securing his test permit, we were told that PSHS NCE Reviewer was available for sale, for P300 each. Out of the 5 reviewers, there were only three that were available during that time. So that’s what we got.

pshs reviewer

These are the only ones Jed read through as he prepared for the NCE. As thoroughly used to self-paced study all his homeschooling years, a self-review like this might just be enough. It sure proved was – drizzled with prayers, as we sought for God’s favor and will. We pray for the best for our son, his education, included.

We were all beyond thrilled when we found out that Jed got his Pisay scholarship offer. Approximately 34,500 students took the NCE and he is part of the 240 students who made it to Philippine Science High School Main Campus. Less than 0.70% of the total students who took the exam! If that’s not a reason to rejoice about, I don’t know what is!

We are truly grateful for this favor! My heart’s desire is always towards my son’s best interest through and through. For him to get into the best Science High School in the country, a scholar at that, is such a gift and special bonus indeed!

This tells a lot of the good education he has gained from The Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow. While he might be taking Kumon, he was only two months in the Kumon system when Jed took the NCE.

“Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change.” James 1:17‬ ‭❤️

Our Son is Officially a Philippine Science High School Scholar!

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