3 Benefits of using Tegaderm

If you have ever had a wound, you know that it can be uncomfortable and painful. For it to heal properly and fast, you will need to take care of it and ensure that it has the perfect environment to be healed.

For that to happen, you will want to keep it sterile and clean, but also not disturb it too much or else the wound might get worse. For that to happen, you may want to use Tegaderm. It has many benefits, including the ones listed below.

how to heal a wound

  1. It is waterproof – One of the best benefits of Tegaderm is that it is waterproof. If you are looking for a dressing where you should not be worried about getting it wet, this is your best choice. For many, taking a bath or showering becomes laborious when you have to be careful to not get the dressing wet. but with Tegaderm, the dressing is completely sealed around the wound. Therefore, it is safe to take a shower while even when you have this dressing. Of course, you need to make sure that the wound is completely sealed. Check the Tegaderm to ensure that the outer package is intact so that the dressing will remain sterile and clean and will not get wet.


  1. The healing process is not disturbed – Wounds can heal at different rates and you want to make sure that the wound is undisturbed so that it can take its time healing itself. The problem with traditional dressing is that it needs to be changed often in order to assure that it is clean and sterile. With hydrocolloid dressings like Tegaderm, the dressing only needs to be changed every 3 to even 7 days. Despite the fact that it is waterproof, oxygen is still able to penetrate allowing the wound to heal at a faster rate.


  1. It lowers the risk of infection – One of the things that need to be watched out for when you have a wound is that it should not be infected. You want it exposed to fewer bacteria, that’s why Tegaderm is the best choice. They are impermeable to bacteria so you can be assured that it will be safer to use.


  1. It is simple to use and economical – If you are looking to save money, this dressing is the smart choice. As stated above, you only need to change the dressing every 3-7 days. this means that you will need to spend less than usual if you use the traditional dressing. Aside from that, Tegaderm is very easy to use. To use it on your wound, you will need to cleanse the wound with alcohol, cleaning solution, etc. Make sure that the wound is dry. Please do not blow on the wound to dry it, as you might be bringing bacteria to the wound. If you try to put the Tegaderm without the wound completely dry, it will not stick properly. Then, you will need to cut how much Tegaderm should be used, making sure that there is enough to cover the wound. When you apply the dressing, make sure there are no bubbles or creases.


3 Benefits of using Tegaderm

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