Self Defense Sticks: A Guide to Using Your Baton

Gone are the days when only the police force or the law enforcers use the baton to keep law and order, and also to control demonstration. Batons were used and are still being used by police and security personnel. The common batons can be sticks of any kind, especially a swift, metal stick to swing and wield as a weapon.


A baton or a self-defense stick can be very useful in self-protection and it doesn’t require any training at all. Even a child without any training can easily use this simple stick to hurt someone with it. But you must also know that it can also be easily taken away from you and then use it against you. So that is how the expandable batons were designed and manufactured. The best expandable batons are the steel batons that are able to expand and detract. It is the best choice because your opponent will find it harder to grab hold of the smaller tip to wrestle the baton out of your hand.

No matter what type of batons or self defense stick you are using, always remember to keep in mind to prevent the opponent from stealing the weapon from you. If there is a need, use your free hand to keep the opponent away from taking a hold on the baton or stick. If possible, you can sign up for some simple training on how to loosen the grip of the opponent’s hold on the baton as soon as you feel his hold on the other end of your baton or stick.

As a safety precaution, buy best expandable baton to carry around with you because you will never know when you might come face to face with an intoxicated assailant or an opponent that is much bigger than you. When using a baton or self defense stick, always aim for the meaty part of the thighs or arms. Give hard, full swings and swing all the way through, back and forth for the best effect. Always remember that a baton is a lesser lethal weapon, so do not swing towards the face or head because we do not want to be charged with seriously injuring or killing the opponent.

Self Defense Sticks: A Guide to Using Your Baton

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