5 Tips to Finding Office Space in London

Finding the appropriate office space for your business at the right time can be hard, confusing and challenging especially in a big city such as London. The challenge becomes even harder with the infestation of so many cons in the market when it comes to property. It becomes challenging and hard to trust a person nowadays and also to help out without expecting reward in return. There are so many office spaces in London that are unoccupied, especially on the hot sites but the way to find them becomes challenging. It becomes even hard for the London newbies who want to settle in and start on their business. However with the proper guidance it is easy to find an office space. Here are some of the tips to use in finding an office space in London:

Office space

  • Online search. The internet is so full of information that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. You can go through websites that have office spaces available in the market. The websites should be clear on the location and the size available. One of these websites is https://www.londonofficespace.com/serviced-offices.html that deals with properly furnished and serviced office spaces in London. The locations are clearly stated on the site and are always updated if the space is bought or occupied to avoid confusion. This is very helpful especially if you are new in London.



  • Local newspapers and magazines. If you are a citizen in London or you reside there, the local papers and magazines can help you get the office space you desire and of your dream. They are used to advertise and since they are current and are published daily, it is easy to get an update of the current state and location of the office. You should be fast to contact the owner as it goes on the basis of first come first served.



  • Find agents. There are so many trusted and credited office agents in London. They can be of great help in finding an office space. The office spaces are known to them and by contacting them they can easily direct you to them. The direction is not for free as they are some additional charges for their assistance. Get a good agent to act as your eyes and ears on the ground and offer information on the best office space available.



  • Contact independent landlords. This is a cheaper method and a more direct way to go but it can also be risky with the infestation of so many cons in the market. Verify the credentials and documents of the landlord first before transacting any deal. This way you will find an office space faster and cheaper as there are no agent additional fees.




  • Ask referrals from friends, family or previous office space owners. This is another safe way to finding an office space in London. Your friend can refer you to an office space that he or she saw available. This is cheaper as you can pass the information by word of mouth that you are looking for an office space. This makes your friends your agents as they will inform you directly once they find or hear about an open office space.


You should be very careful in your approach for your office. Work according to your budget and consider all the factors before settling on one.

5 Tips to Finding Office Space in London

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