Electrolux and AVET AG Introduce the ELS Clean Tech Concept Microfiber System

As a homemaker, I have always tried to be as meticulous as I can when it comes to our home’s hygiene and sanitation department. It’s a crucial step to having some measure of control in our humble abode, which easily translates to safety and health.

Have you ever wondered how health facilities, like hospitals, clinics, public places ensure cleanliness and how they keep cross contamination from happening? While I know segregation of infectious wastes are obvious in hospitals, how exactly they avoid cross contamination when it comes to cleaning one room to another using the same tools, I am hoping goes beyond the perpetual application of chlorox (active ingredient: sodium hypochlorite) – the potent scent just about gives itself away every time. While it disinfects, comes with it are numerous risks to its handler, whether through skin contact or inhalation.

This is why I have chosen to switch to biodegradable products and have been making my own cleaning products with mostly essential oils as active ingredients (potent and effective but safe), that I use around my home.

ELS Clean Tech Corporation Inauguration and Electrolux Warehouse

Together with some blogger friends,  we recently attended the ELS Clean Tech Concept Corp and Electrolux Warehouse Inauguration in Cainta.

ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation is a product of two leading multinational companies in cleaning industry – Electrolux, the forefront in advance and professional laundry cleaning and AVET AG, they level and successfully professionalized the microfiber mops segment of the cleaning industry using Electrolux Machines.

The concept of bringing in the market a Cleaning tool that can pass the stringent requirement of sanitized and sterilized environment has been developed since the 90’s and just waiting to be launched commercially. Unfortunately, the market conditions restricts the entry of high end microfiber mops into the market due to high cost to manufacture, maintain and target pilferage rate below 10%.

ELS Microfiber mop

The AVET AG – claraclean 2.0 microfiber mop system is the only one in the market that can load cleaning agents and chemicals into their microfiber mops after a program based washing and drying. They made sure that storage shall never be a problem for their target clientele.

Advantages of Microfiber Mops:

  • Light – ergonomic
  • High productivity.  Enables workers to clean more area in less time.
  • Labor savings (20-30%)
  • Requires no water bucket
  • Can be theft-proofed (RFID)
  • Picks up dirt without spreading it

Disadvantages of Microfiber Mops:

  • Higher up-front investment – more expensive than traditional mopping system
  • Requires re-training of cleaning staff

I cannot agree more as the general manager explained the many advantages of this industrial ELS Microfiber mops. I have a spray mop with microfiber that I use at home – while may not be anything close to the industrial world-class standard of ELS Microfiber mop, it is definitely a life saver.

The ELS Clean Tech Concept Microfiber system is loaded with no less than an RFID technology. What this basically does is it tells the microfiber mops apart, categorizes them and records the number of washes. This ensures that superior cleaning is done every single time. Each mop has a lifespan of 750 washes. What is great about this cleaning technology is that ELS Clean Tech and Electrolux have made it accessible to their clients. Since the microfiber mops requires the ELS Clean Tech system, which includes the washer and dryer contraptions, the system does not exactly come for cheap.

ELS Clean Tech Washer

ELS Clean Tech rents out the system, and support their client in their commitment of a clean and sanitized facility. The income for ELS Clean Tech will come from washing and loading sanitizing agents into the microfiber mops.

ELS Clean Tech Dryer

The ELS Clean Tech support shall come as lending out of the high end Microfiber mops, mop handle and accessories. To be strengthen out by a partnership contract to guide both parties in providing a clean and sanitized facilities for the market.

To give you an idea how nifty the ELS Clean Tech Concept Microfiber system is, check out the above recorded clip I took of the demonstration during the ELS Clean Tech Concept Corp and Electrolux Warehouse Inauguration. For more information on this topnotch industrial cleaning system, visit elsphilippines.com and ELS on Facebook.

Electrolux and AVET AG Introduce the ELS Clean Tech Concept Microfiber System

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