Throw a Baby Shower in Four Easy Steps

Like bridal showers, baby showers are best left hosted by a close friend or family member. That’s why when your best friend is having a baby, it’s time to step up to the plate and start planning. You can either keep it as a surprise and coordinate with those around her to ensure she’s free and that she gets to where she needs to be on the big day, or you can work with her.

Baby Shower Theme

Regardless of which option you choose, following these steps will help you throw an amazing baby shower for your best friend:

 Plan with Her Friends

There is no rule which states an expecting mother can only have one baby shower, but it is always better to know how many showers she will have than be surprised when no one RSVPs to yours because they’re already going to another! If you are ever unsure, just know that it is always safest to throw a baby shower amongst your close mutual friends. You can then ask her family or any other friends you know what they are planning for her and if they would like to join. That way you can have a good group of guests regardless of whether there is another baby shower or not.

Send Out the Invitations

Venues are relatively simple when it comes to a baby shower. You could book a section (particularly if it is private or at least closed off) at a pretty restaurant or you can hold it in your living room. Once you have this venue and the guests you can make the baby shower truly special by downloading these printable baby shower invitations and sending them out to the guests. If you want to keep the baby shower a surprise, be sure to mention that on the invite! Otherwise, someone might unknowingly give the secret away.

Coordinating Gifts

Buying baby clothes and toys is an obvious choice when it comes to baby showers, but if you want to truly help the guest of honor out, you and your friends should pitch in to get supplies and items that will help her as she becomes a mother. That is why having a registry can be so helpful. To truly ensure the gifts you and your friends give to the guest of honor are perfect, work with her partner or family members to figure out what she already has at home. A diaper bag is a much better gift than an outfit her baby will grow out of before she can blink, after all.

Throwing the Party

You don’t need to go all out when it comes to throwing a baby shower. Simple decorations, great food, and non-alcoholic drinks are all you need to have the perfect party. After that, it boils down to good cheer and good friends! You don’t even need to cook the food yourself, and can even order from your guest of honor’s favorite restaurant. Just remember to keep the mother-to-be in mind, and that the more intimate the gathering, the better.

Throw a Baby Shower in Four Easy Steps

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