Top Emo Styling Tips for Guys

There is no shortage of clothing tips and hairstyling tips for women out there who are looking to follow the most current trends, but for men it can be trickier to find those helpful tips. If you’re a guy who has been leaning more and more towards the trendy emo style but aren’t really sure what the top styling tips are, and how you can fully embrace the look, then you’re going to want to read on. Here we’ll cover the top emo styling tips that will take all the confusion out of the look for you.

Must Have Emo Hairstyling Tips

One of the most important aspects in the emo look is the hairstyle. When the emo style first burst on to the scene it gained popularity rather quickly, and it hasn’t really faded since. What has changed, however, are some of the hairstyles. Where it used to be that you’d need to sport jet-black hair that was spiked at all angles, times have changed, and the look has become more flexible and versatile. It’s actually become easier for guys to achieve since the emo look isn’t so stringent.

Today there’s no need to dye your hair jet black just to achieve that classic emo look. That dirty blonde hair guy can look just as emo as the one sporting dark tresses. There’s more focus on the style and cut than the color nowadays. Go ahead and get creative and add various colors to your hair, opt for long or short cuts, side banks or a thick full fringe, and basically any length of hair will work.

Part of pulling off that emo look is that you need to exude the look in all senses, which means you need to pick a hairstyle that you feel confident in.

Crossover with Goth is Common

Another big trend is the crossover between Goth and emo styles. Both are heavy on facial piercings, stripes, the use of black, heavy makeup, skulls, and brightly colored hair. In reality the two styles can be blended together to create your own unique look that is still very true to the emo style.

The Emo Jean

If there is only one piece you are going to buy for your wardrobe that screams “emo” style then it’s a pair of tight skinny jeans. Make sure to go for that skin-tight look though; they basically need to look like leggings that are painted on. To give it that extra look of emo, opt for black jeans.

Don’t Forget the Perfect Footwear

When it comes to footwear, sneakers are your best bet. Now here’s where you have a bit of flexibility. There are a number of styles that are trendy including hi-cut sneakers, slip on loafer style sneakers, and skateboard shoes. You can go for classic black or pick a bold color that has a bit of detail to it.

This list of basics gives you that starting point which you can then start to build on and personalize further.

Top Emo Styling Tips for Guys

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