Who Would Have Thought that Camping Can be so Romantic?

So, you have been looking for the perfect place to pop the question and nothing comes to mind. A candlelit dinner would be a dead giveaway and the places you typically go for a night out on the town are not secluded or romantic enough. A bottle of chilled champagne on ice as you sit together relaxing at your place wouldn’t work either, because, again, a dead giveaway.

Have you considered a weekend camping trip for two? Actually, there are campgrounds scattered around the United States that are listed as some of America’s most romantic camping sites and this might give you the element of surprise. After all, who would think that you’d actually propose on a camping trip? Certainly not your soon-to-be fiancé! Here are some tips to make this an especially romantic weekend away from friends, family, and coworkers. It would be just the two of you and that’s how it should be.

Romantic Camping Coleman tent

Make It Look Like a ‘Normal’ Camping Trip

If you are after the element of surprise, you need to work at making it seem like nothing out of the ordinary. Don’t bring along a bouquet of flowers and certainly don’t bring the bubbly unless the two of you typically enjoy a glass or two on weekends. Wine may need to suffice because it isn’t a dead giveaway and if you are intent on offering up the stereotypical bouquet of flowers, take a walk around the campground and pick a few wildflowers for effect.

Also, a tent works better than a cabin or a rented RV because the idea is to go camping, not glamping! Check out two-person tents on myfamilytent.com because they are small and intimate enough to set the mood and as authentic as you get for a weekend camping trip.

A Few Places Renowned as Romantic Camping Getaways

Now then, where to go? While you may not live near enough any of these particular campgrounds, they should give you an idea of what to look for when choosing where to go.

First Landing State Park, Virginia

Close to Virginia Beach and all the crowds, this is one romantic campground with the perfect backdrop for popping the question. Several sites are literally tucked inside small caves, which adds that extra bit of privacy you’ll need on this momentous weekend.

Hunting Island, South Carolina

If you are looking for white sandy beaches and a lush maritime forest, Hunting Island, South Carolina is ideally situated. Located on a semi-tropical barrier island, there is plenty of wildlife to see and the famous Marsh Boardwalk to see them from. Walk out to the shore and pop the question there. What a romantic setting for the question of a lifetime.

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

So far, we’ve kept our examples on the East Coast, but what about camping in God’s Country, the Pacific Northwest? Silver Falls State Park in Oregon at the foot of the Cascade Mountain Range makes for an idyllic backdrop for a few selfies while you’re here. Perhaps ask her while standing with a view of the 100-foot waterfall and then strike the pose. How perfect is that?

You’ve got the idea, now gather the gear and choose the spot. Who would have ever thought that camping was so romantic? Certainly not your soon-to-be fiancé, who will be your soon-to-be bride. Good luck and enjoy the most romantic camping trip ever.

Who Would Have Thought that Camping Can be so Romantic?

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