First Stop for Our 16th Anniversary Staycation: The Nest by the Sea at Subic Bay

As December was settling in, we knew in our hearts there was no way our 15th anniversary renewal of vows last year can be outdone. Not that it was a goal, we were just cool with whatever’s coming – we have been drinking in the Lord’s goodness in our marriage year after year.

But our Abba Father has been more than gracious, and He indeed is the Giver of good gifts –  it is totally in His character and power to surprise His children, exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think.

The Nest by the Sea

Our anniversary for our 16th, was once again, one for the books, thus this post. We had three stops: The Nest by the Sea. The ocean-inspired nest in Subic Bay Freeport Zone was the perfect spot to jump start our roadtrip getaway.

the nest by the bay

From the outside, the location may seem to be rather forgettable. Whoever thought that there is a gem hiding in one of the units in this building!

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport

The very tasteful design by AirBnB superhosts Tamara and Martin  welcomed us even from the outside, even as the blinds were rolled up.

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport dining and kitchen

Right from the moment we stepped in, we  enjoyed the stylish but functional interior of The Nest. Eye candy through and through, I should say. I would if I could, insert oohs and ahhs as I take you on a mini-tour, which I know my photos will fail to do justice to this oasis of a nook – a refreshing change from the rather touristy feel of Subic.

the nest by the bay

Same area, different angle. We were pretty spent this time of the night. From the travel time, to the duty free shopping, to the pre-anniversary dinner at Hotshots Burger (100% grass-fed beef no less), lazy time was in order as we plopped ourselves on the daybed and watched Terminator on HBO.

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport bedroom

The room was every bit as inviting as the rest of the house. The hammock was a lovely accent that made the perfect finishing statement. Boy do we love it! Every nook and cranny was Pinerest-worthy!

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport bedroom library

The other bed in the room was perfect for its bookworm bedspacer. 🙂

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport

Just one of the beautiful handcrafted lamps in The Nest. The night lamp is aptly placed beside the library headboard.

The Nest by the Sea couple on the hammock

Our first 16th anniversary picture together – just before we left The Nest, the next day. Off to our next stop: Anvaya Cove

the nest by the bay

Yet another functional accent in the bedroom.

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport toilet and bath

The toilet and bath: to the right is the bath, the farther end on the left is the toilet

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport kitchen

The compact but functional kitchen

The Nest by the Sea in Subic Freeport breakfast

Kitchen and breakfast (granola, oats, corn flakes, coffee beans, french press) essentials – what’s not to love!

I am loving that there are a lot of things our home has in common with The Nest, aside from the Lemongrass Tea, the herbs that I used to grow in my pot garden, they also have a place for compost! The Nest also promotes environmental sustainability and mindful waste segregation.

The Nest by the Sea Fibr connectivity

As if the stylish and impressive interiors of The Nest were not enough to have us stay put, a no less than speedy fibr connection was also provided. I have secretly daydreamt spending one week there, who cares if I bring my work along. The Fibr connection, ah! A dream! It is frustrating that no fibr connectivity is available still in our vicinity.

Click the photo to the right for more shots. 🙂

Weeks after The Nest visit, the hubby got our 15 year old hammock installed! This will do for now, until we get a hammock this nice.  Oh the things we have been inspired to do by that staycation.

As I was drafting this post, my mind was naturally transported back to the beauty of The Nest, and I found myself mobilized to make use of the young man’s old bunk bed (or at least half of what’s left of it). I have been wanting to do this for so long (much like with our more than a decade old hammock), the Nest has done a good many beautiful things to our souls.

Our only regret is that we can only stay overnight. The hubby was set to officiate a wedding the day of our anniversary (what can be sweeter!) in Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan. The year before (our 15th) was our renewal of vows wedding, for our 16th, it was officiating (for the hubby), and witnessing (for me) the wedding of a beautiful couple’s union. It’s a first, and we continue to drink in the many beautiful things that Lord has been sending our way.

Thank you Tamara and Martin for raising the bar for AirBnB (for guests and hosts alike) – we have since been partial towards Superhosts. 🙂

the nest by the sea on airbnb

Click the above image to take you to The Nest by the Sea (Subic Bay Freeport Zone) page. 

If you haven’t tried AirBnB, you may want to try and get P1,100 off on your first trip – all you have to do is register through this link:

First Stop for Our 16th Anniversary Staycation: The Nest by the Sea at Subic Bay

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