How to Plan a Seamless Trip to Goa this Winter

“Go Goa” is a party anthem that can ring true virtually all through the year. But when it comes to the winter season, especially December, there is a definite buzz in Goa for its exotic parties, pristine sun soaked beaches, the magnificent cuisine, the Christmas and New Year festivities, and much more.

Why Goa this winter

Planning a trip to Goa in the latter half of December during the peak winter season may give you glimpses of Goa not witnessed in any other season. The holiday fever, the buzzing party scene, the pleasant weather—all add up to play their part to make your travel a truly memorable one.

So, if you are already thinking about Goa and making travel plans, you may not be alone! Every year the world over, many travelers including solo travelers, honeymooners, families, and overseas travelers all make a dash for this piece of heaven on earth.

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How to plan your booking

Today, Goa is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. In fact, Goa International airport, also known as the Dabolim Airport Goa, is the 9th biggest airport of India in terms of passenger traffic.

Being the sole airport in the state, it is always better to have Dabolim Airport Information ready at hand before making any Goa travel plans. The Goa Airport is located at a distance of 9 km from Panaji and 4 km from Vasco da Gama. If your travel plans include staying in any of these cities, it is a good idea to plan your travel from the airport accordingly. The good news is that most hotels and resorts usually offer a pick up and drop service depending on the tour package to make it convenient for tourists.

Where to stay

When it comes to Goa, most tourists just search for Hotels near Goa International Airport to avoid extra commute time. While there are number of accommodation options near the airport, exploring the real Goan way of life may mean living in one of the beach shacks or sharing food and accommodation with any of the locals in their homes.

So while staying near the Dabolim Airport Goa can help you save on travel time between your flights, there are a host of equally convenient accommodation options that can give you the real taste of Goa. All you need to do is plan your trip wisely and have all Dabolim Airport Information ready to ensure a perfectly planned holiday.

For example, you may like to avoid a late night flight and then awaiting for a taxi to reach your hotel in a far off remote destination. Choosing a flight that lands early not only will offer you an extra day but also ensure easy transport to your hotel or resort.

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Which carrier to choose

For the domestic tourists, airlines like Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air, and Air India offer direct flights from Delhi and other major metropolitan cities. The travel time can range from 3 hours for a direct flight to 5 hours for flights with a stopover. A majority of indirect flights from Delhi usually have a stopover at Mumbai and reach Goa by taking a travel time of 5 hours.

Qatar Airways and Aeroflot operated by Rossiya, along with Air Arabia and Oman Air, are some of the regular international carriers flying into Dabolim Airport Goa.

Sticky notes for first-time travelers

Many first-time travelers to the state also wonder about the two codes for the Goa Airport. To book your flights, it is handy to know the details of Goa Airport code clearly.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code for Goa is GOI while the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) airport code is VOGO. Both codes correspond to the same airport, which offers both domestic and international flights.

How to Plan a Seamless Trip to Goa this Winter

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