Inspirations for the Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding is going to be a magical day. You’ve picked out the dress, designed your dream cake years ago, and have even matched bridesmaids to bouquets. But — you still need to find the perfect venue for a wedding. While you may be familiar with the local churches and receptions halls, you’ve been looking for something special. Design a truly unique day with inspiration from one of these fantastic wedding venue ideas.


Castle Wedding

What princess hasn’t dreamed of her own castle? The aging brickwork and turrets add a fairytale atmosphere to your magical day. A staple of most castles is a large reception room with tall ceilings. Decorate with tapestries and candles to recreate a medieval feel. And you don’t need to go to Europe. There are many castle-like venues available in the United States too, helping to keep your event accessible and affordable.

Treehouse Wedding

Treehouses have come a long way since childhood. You may have seen some of the impressive designs of Treehouse Masters, or dreamed of a treetop village celebration since Return of the Jedi. If you travel to Washington state, this dream can come true courtesy the treehouse master himself, Pete of Nelson Treehouse at the Fall City, WA Treehouse Point. Choose from a single dwelling rental for intimate ceremonies or wedding nights, or rent out the whole village venue for you and your tribe.

pirate-themed wedding

Pirate Ship Wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of ocean sunsets and buckets of rum, then a pirate ship wedding may be the way to go. Whether you are looking for scallywag garb or a traditional dress, many destinations will let you rent and board a pirate ship for your special ceremony. You may choose from the Caribbean or simply the Florida coast, but most packages can include a photographer, caterer, officiant, and more.

Sports Stadium Wedding

Are you and your partner huge sports fans? Do you live and breathe baseball, or take every Monday and Thursday off during football season? If so, then a sports stadium may be your perfect wedding venue. This is also a great idea if you are having a very large wedding, as these rentals can often accommodate over 1,000 guests. Depending on your local arena, you may be able to choose from both indoor and outdoor options. This sports-themed venue is sure to be a home run hit with fellow fans.

Theme Park Wedding

For thrill seekers, dropping down that roller coaster into the unexpected can be exhilarating and entertaining. Marriage is also an adventure into the unknown, so why not combine the two? Larger theme parks such as Disney and Knott’s Berry Farms offer inclusive wedding packages, whereas smaller parks may have more limited rentals, but also more limited costs. Rentals usually include admission, a ceremony and reception site, and different catering options. Just remember that unless you plan to close the whole park down, there will be other visitors, so plan your wedding date with crowds in mind.


Whether you choose wacky and weird or traditional wedding, your venue is a very important part of your special day. Remember to plan ahead and book as soon as possible. With your wedding is just around the corner it’s time to create those memories. Before you know it you’ll soon be celebrating your first anniversary, and many happy years to come.

Inspirations for the Perfect Wedding Venue

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